Art Work at Scarborough College

Here is a sample of the GCSE Art work from this year’s cohort at Scarborough College.  No wonder they achieved such outstanding grades!  Head of Art at Scarborough College, Mr Paul Sutcliffe, says: “People have this notion that artists are born and not made, but year after year I see that the vast majority of successful candidates have taken a long time to cultivate their methods.  All the great renaissance artists have learned from a master at some point; Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t just one day wake up and paint the Mona Lisa by accident and even the great Picasso was taught by his father from an early age.  Success in Art is a mixture of painstaking attention to detail, listening to the teacher and choosing subjects which have a personal meaning to the individual.  Take a look at this year’s GCSE work: we hope you enjoy the fruits of their labour.”



  1. Mme Macdo · · Reply

    Everyone should make time to visit the Art rooms from time to time to see the amazing work produced by our talented students. Congratulations on some fantastic results Mr S!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, yes indeed the art room is always open to visitors to look at the superb work.

  2. Mme Macdo · · Reply

    I noticed some scary swans today on my duty round – very convincing.

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