Classical Civilisations Trip to Rome February 2013

Mrs Walsh writes our blog of the Rome Trip…

Day One. Sunday 17th February

Five adults and twenty three pupils from Years Seven to Nine met in the school car park at 8 am, excited and a little bleary eyed, and after taking leave of our loved ones, we set off in a three mini-bus convoy for the long drive to Manchester Airport.

I struck lucky (!) and got to be in the mini-bus driven by Mr Ed Robinson who took me through his entire repertoire of unsavoury (but undeniably funny) jokes whilst the Year Eight girls in the back laughed and chatted without ceasing. What do they find to talk about?

We arrived at Manchester airport in plenty of time and were taken through the checking in process by a brilliant representative of NST, the travel company we were using. All was fine except that a couple of our party were randomly stopped and searched – including Mrs Robinson! Needless to say nothing was found and we were soon on our way.

The flight was excellent especially as all of the teachers had to move to sit in the exit rows for safety reasons which resulted in more leg room for us!

Once in Rome there were several sticky moments when Josh’s and Mrs Robinson’s luggage failed to appear on the carousel. Josh had just resigned himself to borrowing clothes from Alex Ingham when the missing bags appeared – on a different carousel entirely.  By this time we were all tired and longing for out hotel rooms and a hot meal and after a half hour journey we arrived at the Hotel Noto.

Rooms were allocated – then re-allocated; keys were locked inside rooms (you know who you are!) and finally we trekked around the corner to the restaurant. It was 9pm and we were famished. The restaurant was friendly and the food was very welcome. After a relaxing meal we returned to the hotel ready for a good night’s sleep in preparation for an early start the next morning.

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