Day 2 of the Rome Trip… The Colosseum

Day Two. Monday 18th February

We all staggered out of bed at 6.30 am (!) for breakfast at 7 am and a fast route march to the Colosseum for our guided tour at 8.30 am.

It was a very busy day in which we heard all about the grisly history of the Colosseum and visited the remains of the Roman Forum; we tossed coins into the Trevi Fountain and marvelled at the construction of the Pantheon; we saw Caesar’s grave and Raphael’s tomb, ate pizza and gelato and walked until our feet were dropping off. Henry stalked a gladiator in his quest for an unlawful photograph and the girls shopped for souvenirs and struggled to find public loos.

We finally returned to our hotel for a short siesta before heading out for our evening meal at a nearby restaurant. Again the food was good and the service friendly if rather speedy! Subsequently we left at 8.20 pm with 40 minutes to kill. Miss Tipton, Mr and Mrs Harvey and I decided on an evening “stroll” to a nearby church and Harriet was given the job of navigating using the map of Rome. She did a sterling job and we arrived intact, counted the steps and made our way back following the leadership of Katie this time. High spirits abounded exemplified by Josh who was heard to be singing a Justin Bieber number. Nice one Josh!

By lights out our merry troup was definitely ready for sleep in preparation for another early start and a trip to Ostia Antica.

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