Day 4 of the Rome Trip… Spanish Steps here we come

Day 4. Wednesday 20th February

Another sunny day in Rome and we headed out on foot to the strange museum and crypt of the Capuchin monks. The museum was fascinating – my favourite exhibit being a 16th century book of Herbology – but I found the crypt itself terrifying. It seemed to consist of a row of chapels which were entirely decorated with the bones of dead monks. They even had one chapel decorated with pelvis bones only. Ugh! The worst thing was that they had entire skeletons dressed up in monks habits lying on tombs and holding crucifixes. I just hated it and couldn’t get out fast enough. I was in the minority however as most of the group loved it, revelling in the creepiness of it all.

rome 4We then moved on to the Spanish Steps, which we duly counted, and then went to see the splendor of the Piazza de Popolo with its beautiful fountains and dodgy men trying to sell roses.

For lunch we ate alfresco as the weather was sunny and briefly visited the Borghese Park.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping and some female members of the group had a ball attempting to empty the shops of beautiful leather handbags – Mrs Harvey bought two but don’t tell Mr Harvey … Ooops!

We returned to the hotel via underground which was hilarious as it seemed to be a game of “How many people can you stuff into a carriage?” However, we all managed to get onto the same train, albeit uncomfortably close to other travellers and arrived safely. After a siesta it was time for Mrs Walsh’s Rome Quiz which was won by a team of girls who had listened and learned well throughout the trip. Well done to you. Other teams did not do so well but gave great entertainment value – yes boys, I mean you!

After the evening meal most members of the group were tired and an early night was needed as the next day was check-out day.

The final day was a day of travelling from Rome to Manchester and then back to cold and rainy Scarborough. We really felt the drop in temperature and I, for one, would have gone back to Rome like a flash.

Despite the fact that it was a very tiring trip, it was also fantastic. Rome is a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back again. Many thanks go to Mrs Robinson for organizing it and to pupils and staff for being such good company.


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