Castle Howard


Castle Howard is one of the greatest castles I have seen, the green grass, all around it, its majestic features, the history behind it, the misfortunes around it, is just magnificent.

As boarders we took a trip to Castle Howard, and we were shown England’s capability of building, such a classy, and historical castle, that is still standing today since the 18th century.

We had loads of fun there, amazed at every corner in the house, taking pictures of all the different rooms, and imaging our self living there, living in a beautiful, historical, (yet still somehow modern) home.

After taking a tour around the castle, we went and had lunch, then returned and took long strolls around the castle. We were allowed to walk in groups, and so I got to see the different ponds, the stunning fountain, and all the different trees and flowers, only found in the corners of the earth, that were shipped to Castle Howard.

I walked through the forest, with my friends, and it made us feel as if we’re on a safari even if it was only for a couple of minutes. Of course we couldn’t let our child-side fade, we went to the Adventure Playground and played like 7-yearold on the swings. We then rode the tractor (yes a tractor) back to the meeting point.
Written by Youssra El-Khatib  


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  1. it is written fabulously and cunningly 😛 whoever wrote this should be a writer!!!

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