As Murray Walker used to say……… GO,GO,GO!!!!!!!!

Last weekend, Sunday 16 November 2014 we went Go-karting.  We were split into seven teams of six, with the seven teams enjoyed the karting throughout the day, as there were too many of us to all go at the same time.  It was a really fun day, especially as most of us are under 18 and we got the chance to get behind the wheel and drive as fast as we wanted.

We all raced against the clock, to see who was the fastest boy and who was the fastest girl of the day.  Nobody had any idea who this might be as we were split up into groups throughout the day, and had to wait till tea for the final results.

Being a professional, and fearless, I was able to achieve the fastest lap from the girls, and Tim achieved the fastest lap for the boys, we both won a gold medal.

Overall it was a really fun day!


Youssra El-Khatib2014-11-16 10.48.11 2014-11-16 10.53.43 2014-11-16 11.20.11 2014-11-16 11.32.56 2014-11-16 12.00.43

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