Easter Term 2017

For Scarborough College Boarders the New Year started with focus on their academic work, with many sitting mock examinations on returning to school. I have to say, I am impressed that they have all handled the stress very well and are relatively content with the results, after all, there is time yet, mocks are a practice.

To relax, boarders had the opportunity to see the acclaimed new musical La La Land. They were also taken to the new swimming pool in Scarborough, which boasts huge slides and wave machines. They had a wonderful time.  http://www.alpamare.co.uk/

With the New Year brings new pupils and we hope they settle into our boarding families quickly.
The boarding community prides themselves on the mix of many cultures, and we celebrated Chinese New Year with a wonderful banquet. Each house decorated a banner for the occasion, and each pupil contributed artwork towards them.

Combined with this event was the annual inter-house Bake Off. Willersley girls won again this year with a red velvet chocolate cake made by Kseniia and Olga, and Chocolate pops by Sasha.

We celebrated pancake day in February. Mrs Thomas always arranges a boarders pancake relay race in front of the school, due to the time of year it is always a cold and often wet affair but creates much laughter.
Later in the evening, the houses always enjoy a pancake feast and this year we made a record 97!

There are has been a large percentage of birthdays in the boarding community between Christmas and Easter, so we have enjoyed many cakes and some happy memories over the last few months.

The boarders have been wonderful ambassadors for the school, particularly for the whole school Open Day in March.
All the 6th form pupils gave tours to prospective parents and some of the younger pupils played in a netball match or took part in an art or science workshop.

After their hard work, the 6th form had the opportunity to attend the Malton Cookery school on the following Sunday. They had a marvellous time and the pictures are great. Please look at all our boarding pictures on Flickr through the following link.

Five of the L6th from Willersley helped serve food at the OSA reunion meal on Saturday night, they worked hard but had an amazing evening and were suitably rewarded.

The sun is starting to shine here in Scarborough and the daffodils are out, it is lovely to feel that spring is truly on its way. A new activity on offer this term was archery, many of the boarders took part in this. They had a great time and many discovered a talent they didn’t know they had.

This term the school had it’s annual public speaking competition. Favour and Taneeya from Willersley took part. They were fantastic! Although they didn’t win, the audience felt they were the best, we are very proud of them.

The popular activity of Go Karting and the boarders Easter party have filled the last two weekends. Our boarders have shown their competitive streaks and eaten lots of chocolate!
Other end of term events have been:
– The annual Sports Dinner for 1st team players (where speeches and prizes were given).
– Some sixth form pupils organised a charity Rock Night.
– Y11 and 6th form pupils are preparing for their Duke of Edinburgh practise expeditions
– L6th had their Parents evening, where boarders get to speak to academic tutors about their progress.
– Easter Concert
– Weaponness and Willersley houses had their U6th leaving meals



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