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IB Diploma Art: Origami Birds Installation

If you’re avid fans of Scarborough College you will know that we only teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma to all our sixth formers.  As we’re in the middle of the year we thought we would share some work with you to let you know how the students are getting on. Origami Birds Installation – by Luke Proudfoot […]

Should politicians be more positive about private schools?

Following The Telegraph’s article this week suggesting that politicians could be a lot more positive about celebrating the successes of private schools (which is well worth a read as it discusses the details well), we’d like to know what you think.  Considering a huge proportion of politicians themselves attended private schools and send their own […]

No need to worry about University Clearing Process

As many students steel themselves for A-level results day in a few weeks’ time, the majority of Scarborough College students already know where they’re going as IB results were out on 6th July. Summer’s sorted, then. Just another advantage of IB over A-levels: not only does the course finish earlier, prepare you for life at […]

All About The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate We will be running a series of blog posts dedicated to understanding the International Baccalaureate, featuring quotes from teachers and pupils, with the aim of ensuring parents and students can make the most well-informed educational choices possible when it comes to this critical time in their educational lives. Mr James Fraser is […]

Maths should be compulsory until age 18

If you’ve seen or heard the news today you will know that leading scientists have urged that all 16-18 year olds should be studying mathematics, no matter what their future course or vocation turns out to be. Well at Scarborough College all 6th form students study the IB which sees all students studying maths – […]