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Bugsy Malone on the Blog by 7PGW

“My year, 7PGW, have been working on different scenes from Bugsy Malone as a class production.  We have had just two lessons reading  from the script with Ms Powell, in our twangy American accents to try and be as professional as possible! Each group has chosen a different scene to act and stage out.  We […]

Can any school ever claim to have the “Best Boarding in UK”?

Having just seen an advert for a well-known boarding school in the North of England, a competitor of ours, we are feeling rather bemused by a claim they have made that their boarding is the ‘best’.  Specifically, “Best Boarding in UK, no one else comes close”. The best?  No one comes close!  Certainly not in […]

Why Choose IB? A Languages Perspective

With the credibility of A-levels recently being brought into question in the media, there has never been a better time to choose the IB at sixth form level.  Here, Scarborough College’s Modern Languages department discuss the relative merits of studying a language at IB. For the IB everyone has to do a language at one […]

Competition winner

Congratulations to Alice Dooley from Beverley who won our Game voucher in the competition at the Driffield Show in July.  It was great to see the weather so sunny for the Driffield and Ryedale Shows this year. The map to the left is one of our maps showing dots of where our competition entrants were from. […]