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Bugsy Malone on the Blog by 7PGW

“My year, 7PGW, have been working on different scenes from Bugsy Malone as a class production.  We have had just two lessons reading  from the script with Ms Powell, in our twangy American accents to try and be as professional as possible! Each group has chosen a different scene to act and stage out.  We […]

New and Upcoming IT & Computer Game Design Enrichment

Self confessed geek and IT technician at Scarborough College, Mr. Middleton, is keen to share some of the more interesting recent developments in the world of ICT with the students in an attempt to give them real world experience of a rapidly moving virtual world. One new enrichment activity “Computer Game Design” uses a specially […]

Classical Civilisations Trip to Rome February 2013

Mrs Walsh writes our blog of the Rome Trip… Day One. Sunday 17th February Five adults and twenty three pupils from Years Seven to Nine met in the school car park at 8 am, excited and a little bleary eyed, and after taking leave of our loved ones, we set off in a three mini-bus […]

IB Diploma Art: Origami Birds Installation

If you’re avid fans of Scarborough College you will know that we only teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma to all our sixth formers.  As we’re in the middle of the year we thought we would share some work with you to let you know how the students are getting on. Origami Birds Installation – by Luke Proudfoot […]

Should politicians be more positive about private schools?

Following The Telegraph’s article this week suggesting that politicians could be a lot more positive about celebrating the successes of private schools (which is well worth a read as it discusses the details well), we’d like to know what you think.  Considering a huge proportion of politicians themselves attended private schools and send their own […]

Can any school ever claim to have the “Best Boarding in UK”?

Having just seen an advert for a well-known boarding school in the North of England, a competitor of ours, we are feeling rather bemused by a claim they have made that their boarding is the ‘best’.  Specifically, “Best Boarding in UK, no one else comes close”. The best?  No one comes close!  Certainly not in […]